The red vertical lines do go away when I move the video cable near the location where the video cable and inverter cable meet the hinge. Not my screen is gray in color — it has light, but no color or picture. I have this same laptop HP dv series. I broke the white glass tube. Out of warranty and not covered by HP. The red wire harness connected does not light up. Powered by Zen Cart.

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I called HP and they want to charge bucks for a replacement and 45 bucks for diagnostics ca-chink ca-chink.

If I move the lid, usually closer to the closed position I can get the picture to come in perfect. Compatible models coming soon. However, it still flickers the red hue quickly when I move hp dv9308nr lid, but much less than before.

If you have two RAM modules installed, try removing them one by one. Hp dv9308nr are located in Denver Colorado and are committed to the satisfaction of hp dv9308nr customers hp dv9308nr Maybe the hp dv9308nr cable is not making good connection with the LCD screen or motherboard.

If I angle it just right, I can sort of see what is going on, but it is very faint. As stated earlier it is located by the left LCD hinge, and is rather small. Will you please you do a step by step on changing the graphics card in a dv series hp laptop? Anyone know what this could be? When hooked the VGA out the image is dim and kinda greenish.

This model has a known issue — broken left hinge. There was a small, soft buffer to keep these two parts separate, and it that got dv9308br, the short would hp dv9308nr.

I went to screentekinc. Thanks hp dv9308nr a bit of help. I had the hp dv9308nr issue as a few others where my dv 2. Is something loose or am I just unlucky? Or you can use the laptop as d9v308nr with a cracked screen but output image on the external monitor. There is a magnet somewhere dv938nr the display panel. I had problem with my laptop a month ago, the screen was totally black an blank but its still charging hp dv9308nr when i turn it on the lights are on.

How to replace screen on HP Pavillion dv – Inside my laptop

Will replace both together but main problem is sometimes the computer wont start. I tried many different inverters. First of hp dv9308nr I want to thank you for your awesome job with hp dv9308nr the steps needed to take the lid apart. It shows pink and green linesand ho on how I tilt the screen, I can see.

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

I hp dv9308nr a single backlight inverter lying around and tried that. I cant thank you enough. Try moving the cable while the laptop is turned on. For AC adapter tips measuring 6.

How to replace screen on HP Pavillion dv9000

I have a HP DV notebook. It is not dimmed like others where you can hp dv9308nr desktop items with direct light from a flashlight or something.

Can you look closely at different angles? Hi, I have a Pavilion dv, I have a problem with green pixels.

I have a DV with the dual backlight. I have a HP dv with a broken screen I would like to order hp dv9308nr correct replacement part but not sure if i need a single or dual lamp, do I have to take it apart to find this out or is there another way?

I removed hp dv9308nr hinge. I feel that making a video will make it more easier to follow. Now its just not lighting up at all. Hp dv9308nr have been having problems recently with the computer not shutting off when closing the lid every once in a while too.