Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated! First, this site is an excellent source of information for laptops, thanks for all the information. Hello People, Umm I dont Own a Laptop but i am having some of the same problems seen on this webpage and this was the closest thing i could find that referred to my problem. After a one year and a half vertical lines appeared on the LCD. G33CP is correct too, but most sellers list it by the P-number.

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Is there m555-s3291 way I can remove the LCD display toshiba satellite m55-s3291 together to allow the unit to fit better on the desk? Not likely, but possible. The external monitor worked fine.

The cable has a single thread that corresponds directly to every vertical line going down the screen. Any suggestions as to what my problem is?

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

This test toshiba satellite m55-s3291 that red and blue ramped up cleanly from no color to intense color for each. Now I just need to decide on whether I should put the original video card back in and sell the new one, or leave good enough alone, as my wife has her laptop working again. Also, any place where I could get cheap or used screens? My question is…is it the inverter i have ordered and satllite is bad.

If video on the external screen is fine and this defect appears only on the internal LCD, most likely you have a toshiba satellite m55-s3291 screen.

Anyone got any ideas? It toshiba satellite m55-s3291 corresonds to ribbon connection 4 from the left as you look at toshiba satellite m55-s3291 circuit board. When your laptop displays inverted colors as on the picture above, this is an indication of a bad screen. I ran DELL diagnostics and it found an error in the display adapter — ie.

On the other hand, I found a used graphics card for Latitude C on eBay. The toshiba satellite m55-s3291 other symptom that I see is that I can torgue the screen and it will eventually go away, also the cursor remains frozen when the screen is bad….

Toshiiba change it and I will tell you if my problem disapears.

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I have a gateway m that fell off a desk and crack the LCD. Everything was running fine until a couple months ago. Is there any chance that toshiba satellite m55-s3291 peeling back one of the really fine ribbon cables at the top of the screen which attaches to the circuit board toshiba satellite m55-s3291 the glass of the LCD screen itself and then repasting it back on might fix this dead line of pixels?

I shut it down by holding the button, started it up, and then it came up with those lines for two seconds and then was normal. The pen caused a hugr black screen displaed image. If I plug in an external monitor, it displays perfectly externally.

Immediately press and hold the Esc key for three seconds, and then release toshiba satellite m55-s3291. Even found there is a fuse on the circuit board but that was OK. As you see, the Toshiba logo is light green instead of red. Blow off tosgiba heatsink with compressed air. I have the problem you illustrate in example 6: Just thought you ought to get some toshiba satellite m55-s3291.

PSM42U or even the same. Dell is sending someone out to replace the motherboard and video card, i was wondering if you have ever run into toshiba satellite m55-s3291 problem and the cause…Before the lcd tishiba replaced it was wavy and the windows logo during start up was shadowing. I tried resinstalling drivers and direct x with no luck.

Disconnect the internal video cable from the motherboard and test it again with an external screen. So I know its not a driver issue. They start as a single green line in the center that gets brighter, then they multiply, eventually consuming the whole screen, and kind of fade in and out but are constantly there. Its just everythig toshibaa the laptop toshiba satellite m55-s3291 messed up.

Anyway he changed the motherboard and toshiba satellite m55-s3291 later i reinstalled the toshiba satellite m55-s3291 tint video card. Different sites give me different part numbers, and there seems to be different screen compatible with my laptop. If you have a bad video card, then the laptop still might turn on but the video output will be bad.

I used compressed air and I solved the problem about temperature. I re-seated the cables on the screen and mb, and inverter but no luck.