Battery Battery Description Spare part number 6-cell, 2. After I assembled everything back together, it started properly right away. A new battery changed nothing. Scott Best September 17, When turned on the power light and ac cord light comes on but the computer will not start up.

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Drivers and utilites for HP Notebooks / Laptops and Netbooks – choice of model.

When power button is pressed, power and hard drive lights on front light up for a second then off. I was trying compaq f500 out how to get some instruction.

Bill April compaq f500, Maybe the cords are loose?

Nothing happens when power button pressed. These wires have snapped on my F After removing the faceplate, there are numerous screws you compaq f500 to remove. What do you suggest, and how do I do it?

Dave June 26, With the battery in, the laptop will never shut down, it only goes to hibernate because its trying to charge the battery, compwq never happens. One more question, I read where someone had a stuck compaq f500 that stayed compaq f500 when the laptop was opened. This is a great resource for me. Do you have a F laptop motherboard that you can peel the compsq tape back to take a peek at compa connections? I would not have tried it without the guide. Are any of these the motherboard part numbers or should I look somewhere else?

You simply unplug it from the motherboard and replace with a new one. Remove all screw covers 1 and screws 2 that secure the display f5500 to the display assembly. Compaq f500 F will not power on. It is a software utility that automatically finds, downloads and installs the right driver compaq f500 your system.

HP Presario F500 Maintenance And Service Manual

Jim Hinds, If compsq is compaq f500 wrong with the laptop, you should be able to boot even if the battery is dead or removed. The wireless switch is soldered to the motherboard and I think the plastic knob on the switch is broken and stays in off position. I checked on the website below and I qualify for a replacement notebook computer.

I may also make a base unit with a small fan that blows into the comoaq opening closest to f5500 GPU chip, powered on plug-in only since we never do high demand video or have it on very long on battery. These compaq f500 when I tried to remove the plug from the holder. Comoaq drive see Hard drive on page Compaq f500 module compartment cover see Memory module on page Optical drive see Optical drive on page Switch cover see Switch cover compaq f500 page Keyboard see Keyboard on page Display assembly see Remove the memory cover and memory modules and compaq f500 for the sticker.

Maybe somehow the laptop will stay on while plugged to the AC. That would be my best guess.

Pull them through a hole in the motherboard. I have not been able to get any manual that shows disassembly. Worked great with a F Compaq presario laptop, this is the 3rd. For disposal or recycling information, contact your local authorities or the Electronic Compaq f500 Alliance EIA at http: Hello this worked on my HP Pavillion compaq f500 also.

I found the directions easy enough to follow however I had one mishap.

I just searched though the service manual for this model: Besides the AC adapter, f5000 I should check next.? Page Disconnect all display panel cables 1 from the display inverter and remove the inverter 2. Serial number Report the computer serial number to HP when requesting compaq f500 or compaq f500 spare parts. Could this be an easy fix or no? TechShui July 7,