Based on the Tylersburg chipset and supporting the Xeon and series processors Gainestown and Gulftown. There is a town in the US state of Georgia called Pineview. Solid-state drive in the series. Based on the GM Attla controller. Based on the Attla controller chip. Atom Z, Z, and Z processors, aimed at smartphones and tablets. The superhero nickname of the character Bart Simpson.

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Reference unknown; see Tejas disambiguation for possibilities. NianticA goldrush-era ship shipwrecked under the city of San Francisco. Dana Pointa city in southern Orange County, California.

All models have GMA integrated graphics. Utilizzare solo pile uguali o di tipo equivalente a quelle consigliate dal produttore.

D945gtp pci serial port E chipset for workstations. A place in Ventura CountyCalifornia. Based on the EB controller chip Ophir. Intel has historically named integrated circuit IC development projects after geographical names of towns, rivers or mountains near the location of the Intel facility responsible for the IC. OEM board for Gateway. Supports the Sandy Bridge -E processor.

For the latest list of tested memory, refer to the Intel World Wide Web site at: Intel DP35DB desktop motherboard. Deschutes CountyOregon or, more likely, Deschutes Riverwhich runs d945gtp pci serial port it. Please consider upgrading to d945gtp pci serial port latest version of your browser by clicking one of the following links. Used with Pentium 4 processors.

Reference unknown; possibly Broadwater, Nebraska. Intel DEFV desktop motherboard. Intel series Ethernet PHY. Intel D945gtp pci serial port server motherboard. Intel DXCS desktop motherboard. Got it, continue to print. Intel series Ethernet PHY chips. Zappa’s estate was displeased by the use of his name, prompting a change in Intel’s naming policy.

Intel BNFX server motherboard. Intel SECW2 two-socket server board. Intel S enterprise-class SSD. Reference unknown; see Glenwood disambiguation for possibilities.

Atom E series processors, aimed at embedded applications. SATA8 internal ports, 3. Intel DH67BL desktop motherboard. Montevina is d945gttp wine out of the Sierra Foothills, after the Italian word for mountain wine. Tulloch is d945gtp pci serial port name of a reservoir in Tuolumne CountyCalifornia. Probably named after Gallaway, California.

List of Intel codenames

OEM board for Dell. Intel SDS2 two-socket server motherboard. Intel DH57DD desktop motherboard. Based on the BX chipset. Calexicoa city in Imperial County, California. Based on the LSI E chip. Has two dual-core dies in a single package for a d945gtp pci serial port of four cores.

Two-socket server platform combining the Xeon E processor Jaketown with the C series chipsets Patsburg. Based on the EB Niantic controller chip. Term Description Gigabyte 1,, prt Gigahertz one billion hertz Kilobyte bytes Megabyte 1, bytes Mbit Megabit seriap, bits. Originally intended as a stand-alone graphics product, but now relegated to HPC research projects.

Yam KinneretIsrael’s largest freshwater lake. Possibly named after Canmore, Alberta. Intel may make changes to specifications d945gtp pci serial port product descriptions pck any time, without notice. To avoid injury, be careful of: Second-generation Pentium III processor. Reference unknown; see Geneseo disambiguation for possibilities. Intel X Ethernet controller.