Iv Command – Print Clear Veneer IV Command – Print Clear Veneer Description This command serves either to print the entire ad- dressable image buffer or to reverse print with the clear veneer or any image data line, rectangles, graphics, text, etc. As noted in the figure, an object mirrored in both axis in the data sent to the buffer would print normally on the card. En- coder commands for this printer duplicate those used by the other printer models. A command error condition occurs when image data extends beyond the addressable range of the image buffer. V Command – Return Operational Parameter!

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After completing a printing pass, the card is reposi- tioned to print the next ribbon eltronn. Note eltron card printer p310i printed cability to avoid using commands that do not apply to the targeted model s. To avoid contamination, always hold the frame and the roller by the ends. Standard P3xx Color Card Printers have two image buffers—one used for color and another used for monochrome.

Printers with parallel interfaces cannot re- spond to this command, other than flagging an er- ror.

Second, the primary use of varnish is to protect the dye sublima- tion imaging from ultraviolet radiation. Value Description Forward Reverse Rev.

Locate the slot at the rear rpinter the Eltron card printer p310i Cleaning Cartridge mounting location; see below. MB Command – Return Card To Card Feeder Description Moves the card in the reverse direction and eltron card printer p310i the card to the p310o feed point just inside the card printer from any position between the card feeder and the output tray.

Some bar code types have a selectable bar code width ratio. External Print Server Similar to an external print server, except the print server is integrated into the printer.

Zebra Eltron P300 Programmer’s Manual

Data Errors Data Errors The encoder will retry, up to six 6 times, any read or write write-verify read operation, before report- ing an error. Lift the printer out of the carton by holding it with ccard hands. See C-3 for table eltron card printer p310i character sets.

As noted in the figure, an object mirrored prinyer both axis in the data sent to the buffer would print normally on the card. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. eltron card printer p310i

Page 28 Cartridge will be installed initially, this area was covered by a warning tape. This eltron card printer p310i receives color im- aging associated with the YMC ribbon panels, and if desired, also from a Kr panel. Appendix A This section contains a listing of all fonts, bar codes, and their respective character sets supported by the Eltron Card Printer programming language.

This command places the card being processed into this hopper. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Zebra technologies user’s manual printer pc, pf 46 pages. Conventions In this manual, the following conventions apply: The Command Initiator serves to mark the charac- ter s immediately following command characters.

Eltron card printer p310i shows how a bit-map relates to associ- ated non-compressed data. Memory Figure shows elements involved in image data flow.

Port Signals P3xx and P4xx printers have an optional serial port. P, P, and Max Secure card printers have no serial option.

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Bars are wide or narrow and the wide bars are set eltfon the ratio. The wide to narrow bar and space width is set by the ratio.

This can impair subsequent associated read and write operations printdr must be controlled by the programming. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

After printing is complete, the card may be ejected to the output tray hopper or repositioned to print more ribbon panels for models that eltron card printer p310i the du- plex option. Peel the protective wrapper from the Adhesive Roller. Install new cleaning roller eltron card printer p310i the Card Cleaning Cartridge.

This command only applies to monochrome printing using a Monochrome 3p10i having a sin- gle continuos color and material; i. See Appendix A for character maps and unique pa- rameter settings for each bar code type. The card automatically read-verifies the encoded data. While every effort has been made to keep the information contained within printter and accurate as of the fard of publication, no guarantee is given or implied that the document is error-free or that it is accurate with regard to any specification.