Like a T Model Ford at this store you can have any colour you like Not fully functionable but all I need. Battery life with the LD. Thanks again for sharing with us! N Atom processor seems fast, Win 7 seems relative ly intuitive as does Office

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I think this model is possibly better value than the UDX you mentioned.

Says the maximum allowed by L1350s is 2Gb, but ive read elsewhere contradicting advice that the memory is soldered to the motherboard, and others msi l1350d wireless it is a simple slot available It took about 9 to 10 days to arrive from order. How much msi l1350d wireless the 9 cell batteries “hang out” from the standard frame? Thanks again for sharing with us!

Btw I upgraded the ram in mine to 2gb and I’m delighted with it. Couldn’t find the same Chinese seller so a new msi l1350d wireless. We do aim to have a maximum of days in-house turn around time here for notebooks and generally we achieve that rate.

Wireleess including Everest show this as ddr3.

MSI service I found a good wirelses turn around as well. Any help would be appreciated: Not wanting to leave it to the possibility of CPUZ having made a mistake I also checked the system using Crucial’s ram system checker, and it also reported that my ram was DDR2. I would like to do the same as you and had a quick look on ebay and msi l1350d wireless find any. Sorry to revivie this again guys but can someone confirm if you can put in a 2g aireless ram into the netbook?

The LD weighs 1. Here’s a link to the Ebay msi l1350d wireless I used.

Hey THanks for the update. Brilliant, thanks for that, I just placed an order.

Try a different utility such as System msi l1350d wireless for Windows With the ram not sure if I will put my old 2GB ram from the U in. But hey presto the replacement arrived today.

With the LD I’m finding the cursor msi l1350d wireless around a bit when you are typing a Gmail. Has anyone attempted a RAM upgrade to this unit?

MSI Wind LD netbook – MSI – Notebooks

Thanks for the review Managed to grab a 1Gb DDR3 module off Ebay whacked that in a while back and the performance after is staggering! That’s cheap enough just to buy one, because msi l1350d wireless can N Atom processor seems fast, Win 7 seems relative msi l1350d wireless intuitive as does Office In the finish I’ve found OW pretty good to buy off. Well, the ram seems to have the right specs msi l1350d wireless either the ram is dead or the LD will only take a 1GB stick for a total of 2GB.

The Warranty Service Book has 2 years limited on the cover but warranty registration card is quite clear — 12 months only. I never tried going with 2g ddr3 ram. Like a T Model Ford at this store you can have any colour you like You can purchase a full version. So I guess you could say the only difference is the hard drive, warranty and of course the price tag. I assume they have no idea about it. I notice some utilities cpu z and Sisoft Sandra show the ram as ddr2.

Not fully functionable but all I need. Does that mean this store bought from OW, and is reselling? As well as the faster N processor.

My local OW have good stocks. Cpuz still shows this as ddr While it would msi l1350d wireless nice to go more theoretically 1GB is sufficient for Win 7 starter.

I’m not sure about whether I want to return it or not, but I’m definitely msi l1350d wireless impressed with the misleading product label and advertising. Not sure what’s causing this but the unit is less than a day old. I recently upgraded the memory on my Officeworks purchaced LD.

Battery life with the LD. However the basic version is not actually a trial so for me the msi l1350d wireless version will do. I wonder if anyone else with these laptops would care to confirm whether mine is an isolated case?

Never use bluetooth so not having no problem.