A Satellite is just a wireless connection, so it is hackable. So that means there is a vested interest in ensuring there is large scale commuting via owner-vehicles. Not in North America as long as Americans and Canadians remain independent minded! Then I call it up again when I want to go back. That model never caught on either. They will raise them to force people INTO the cities. We were, by all accounts, supposed to be paying 5 bucks a gallon plus for gas by now outside of the city-states like Chicago, New York, LA, where you already do.

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Moving out is what they are doing. I thought they would laugh at me…but roboics Medicare Representative…took me seriously and tried to look up rogotics appropriate code!

I drove out of Hilton Head in the evacuation before the cyclone. The economics alone make it a no brainer. Well, I guess that makes you a typical Lefty. Where substantial investment is involved change is more gradual — decisions are not just economic they are driven by social, psychological factors and facilitating u s robotics wireless maxg access point structures.

Death spiral for cars. By , you probably won’t own one : RenewEconomy

And, where do they think batteries come from, a stork? There will be no need to pay or notify. Similarly the projections for the demise of the internal combustion engine are based upon unrealistic assumptions.

And insurance on passenger carrying vehicles is extremely high. What about traveling out of state to visit relatives and children?

roboyics Fact the same tech that will make the electric vehicle less expensive would also be true for private ownership. Each resident on average will have 1 car. One limitation is that it is a once-off improvement and will not solve congestion if traffic density increases greatly could double?

Wish they would stay in the cities. They effectively limit ownership. Personally I have used a personal gas-driven vehicle for much of my life but at other times used public transportation for years at a time, so I am not ideological about this, both modes have pluses and minuses. Allows u s robotics wireless maxg access point a personalization of updates. Maybe families will own ONE auto for personal travel and utilize the new method for errands, travel to work and taking kids to school No need for two or three autos per family.

How can you even think like that? My vet bills and food bills, not to mention the value of my time spent caring for my 2 horses was a lot more than for my 2 cars.

The same people who ignore the freedom advantage of personal cars probably also believe that voluntary slavery is becoming popular. Uber, taxis, mass transit etc… U s robotics wireless maxg access point the number of cars keeps increasing. And yes I know a very small percentage of people still utilize horses and buggies.

That is being documented each year as those who can flee them. I recall a study wierless in the s that predicted that most people would have telephones in their homes you know, the kind wired to the wall that people could see each other on within ten years.

Sure, insurance has some influence, but to a much lesser degree.

M2M Business Solutions

Consolidate phone lines, securely route calls to telephony devices, and recover access to remote network equipment with secure out-of-band access. Older paid for cars are fine for me. wccess

Wisdom comes with age, if u s robotics wireless maxg access point all, and the youth do not have any, it takes time. Yes but for autonomous EV they will need to tune the systems first. Plus, electric power is not pollution free. If these are no longer required for cars, or have a massive reduction in usage, then they could be repurposed for cycle parks.

I seriously doubt people are going to give up that much independence and lets face it, u s robotics wireless maxg access point technology is still not there. Are they getting rid of people next. Not everyone is so enamored of operating an auto as you might think. How many appletinis are you up to at this point, Nick? Not everyone is a supercilious nose-ringed urban hipster and part of the reason the general population dislikes people like that, is because they incorrectly assume that the entire population shares their opinions and priorities.

Look at the Villages in Florida. My car is my office, workshop, go van. Each nation will approach this thing with differing approaches depending on their cultures and economic situation. Utopia meets the Idiocracy. Now not so much. Do you have anything else in that brain of yours or do you just try to put people down? Less horsepower per gallon.