Omg it did work! I saw your advice. I know it’s out of warranty by less than a month. Please share the info ps it’s not the lid switch either! Works like a charm!!! It is inevitable that it will be shut off before then, so will I have to repeat this procedure? I just did what you advised and it worked perfectly

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This works every time! Thanks tictactoe, you’ve got my thumb’s up!!! Your solution without the battery part, obviously helped my situation too.

Anyway, many thanks to tictactoe! I have a problem, my laptop shut off, but was able to come back on. But anyway sony vaio vgn-cr520e web store may be particularly interesting for an end user of home appliances as well. I happened again yesterday nigth sony vaio vgn-cr520e we sont watching a movie again. Please let me know, I am very stressed since my laptop is 2 months old!!

Laptop shut off, will not turn back on [Solved]

I have a HP, and it worked for me too! Vgn-cr520ee this easy solution, thanks, thanks: Hi that worked last time I did sony vaio vgn-cr520e but this time it’s not doing anything It shut down sony vaio vgn-cr520e and wouldnt respond despite my best efforts vgn-c520e patience.

I assume removing the MB lithium battery will not help but I am not sure. Rubydouby – Feb 13, at And it didnot work for me either. I went to use my laptop tonight and turned it on like always Joe – Feb 23, at You are a god, tictactoe.

Your solution worked like a charm on my Gateway laptop!! Sony vaio vgn-cr520e – Nov 9, at Johnnywww – Jul 15, at Kelzybub – Jan 6, at vgn-ce520e The battery is in need of replacement sony vaio vgn-cr520e im not so sure that this is whats wrong with it.

Gman Web – Oct 25, at My laptop is a gateway, it worked,,i need a new battery, but it did work. Report Respond to Rachel.

The computer is only 1. Report Respond to Danish.

Did you ever figure out what caused this? I thought I would have to buy another laptop Thanks a bunch because I have research paper and final exam online to take.

Makes me wonder about my sony vaio vgn-cr520e ;aptops that had problems and were supposedly unfixable. I had tghe same problem – checked the internet and up popped your simple soution. Or is some hardware problem.

I have sony vaio vgn-cr520e same problem with a Gateway laptop; an m-Series; an M O ur web store is focused to serve both the professional repair technicians and the end users. This really does work! Main supply is the power charger, the wire you connect to your computer when you charge it.

Left still on for a few hours and returned to the now shut down desktop.