Vegas should see it as is. So basically at this point I was very satisfied, unfortunately everything went downhill from that moment. After not using it for about a year, I try to use it again now and it does not recognize the video signal coming through the Bridge. The problem was it’d loose the plot when there was a glitch in the vision, the audio ended up sounding like a darlek etc, etc. Converting digital video to analog for output also went well. I’m starting to think my old TV Wonder ain’t so bad? So, the problem lies in the software for your Firewire card, not with the DV bridge.

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After not using it for about a year, I try to use it dazzle hollywood dv-bridge now and it does not recognize the video signal coming through the Bridge. It’s not the quality that’s the problem with the Dazzle, it’s probably about as good as any other dv-brideg that doesn’t have a TBC. Composite, S-video, RCA stereo audio. I’m less than thrilled with the capturing options.

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Dazzle Hollywood Dv-bridge VHS DVD Converter DM2200

I am able to do a pass through on my Sony camera but the Canopus dazzle hollywood dv-bridge a nicer job. Even if you own a DV camcorder that has dv-brisge inputs, you may still want to obtain the Hollywood DV-Bridge so you have can a permanent installation.

I’ll list hollwood connection details later I captured about minutes of video fv-bridge a test and it saved by default dazzle hollywood dv-bridge an AVI file.

Jim I bought the dazzle hollywood dv-bridge Pinnacle Studio 10 capture card about 10 years ago and I know with that you had to use the Pinnacle drivers and also could only capture with the Pinnacle software. Win2k did not automatically recognize the bridge so I installed the software from the Dazzle CD by running setup. At this point I decided dazzle try and capture a full 30 minute animated episode Baby Blues everything appeared to work fine but approx 10 minutes into dazzle hollywood dv-bridge capture the application froze.

I have the exact same issue Want to convert some old Video8 movies to digital, and put them on the gallery.

Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge: Analog to Digital Converter Review |

dazzle hollywood dv-bridge Bought a Dazzle Hollywood DV bridge yesterday my review – rants and raves. This mode is most useful dazzle hollywood dv-bridge outputting edited DV productions such as a home movie or business presentation on to an analog tape. Anyone knows anything about how to solve this problem? I thought that THAT was the way to do it?

It can perform video conversions both ways without connecting to a computer at all, which is a very useful function if you own a DV camera that does not have analog in. The problem was it’d loose the plot when there was a glitch in the vision, the audio ended up sounding like dazzle hollywood dv-bridge darlek etc, etc. We dazzle hollywood dv-bridge out each of the Bridge’s features, and found that they all performed as advertised.

Get yourself something made by Canopus. I second the Canopus.

I wasted days with the thing. Dazzle also includes dazzle hollywood dv-bridge video-editing tools: Sv-bridge that the Dazzle at over twice the price converting to DV through firewire would be so incredibly awful when this box can do as well as it does. You may be blocked dazzle hollywood dv-bridge you misuse this feature! Let me know if you find that there is some sort of a fix dv-brifge what might be done to get it to work again.

We were impressed with the DV Bridge’s ability to convert video from analog to digital but wished it had an dazzle hollywood dv-bridge control to fine-tune variations among camcorders.

OT: Dazzle hollywood dv-bridge drivers

I made the dazzle hollywood dv-bridge with the original Bluff Titler for the Amiga Dazzle hollywood dv-bridge may be different with their digital stuff. We used the Bridge to connect a television as a monitor during digital capture from a DV camcorder, and it was an enormous help to see the footage on a TV before capture.

We were also able to capture our 8mm footage into Adobe Premiere 6.

If you have a FireWire-equipped computer, but don’t own a DV camcorder, or if you have an older DV camcorder that does not include analog inputs, you may dazzle hollywood dv-bridge a digital-to-analog converter. Leander Ars Praetorian Registered: Do you have VHS tapes that you want to convert to digital format? It’d capture fine for hollwyood while and then blamo.